China and hepatitis C “big battle”

With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularity of mobile social networking platform, communication channels between teachers and parents have entered the WeChat era from the SMS era and Fetion era. From kindergarten to primary and secondary schools, almost every class has established a WeChat group for home school communication. Teachers’ notification and homework have become more convenient and faster. Parents can also know their children's school situation at the first time.Patient with demonstrates extensive mediastinal adenopathy and a large mediastinal mass encasing the right pulmonary artery and compressing..




However, everything has two sides, and the WeChat group is the same.




Although parents and teachers are in a virtual space, but in real life, there are all kinds of stories, small frictions and contradictions between parents and teachers, between different parents, and behind different parents. As people often say, there are rivers and lakes in people's places. Now the parents of WeChat group is a group in the arena, parents and teachers’ personal interests, group interests intertwined, so there is a battle, jealousy, resentment, seemingly sympathetic, actually the undercurrent.









The teacher gave the order




“For parents” fear of falling




In the past weekend, Zhang Qian, PolyU's hotel management and hospitality programmes ranked third of the world's top hospitality universities. The programmes equip students with fundamental skills, knowledge and hands-on experience serving the tourism industry worldwide.the mother of Beijing, thought he was so thrilling.




On Saturday afternoon, when she was away from class with her daughter, Zhang Qian turned off the cell phone and opened the machine after class. The unread information came out of the WeChat group in her daughter's class.




Originally, in the time of Zhang Qian's shutdown, the teacher and teacher arranged the task through the WeChat group and asked the parents to collect the slogan of “promoting Putonghua activities”. When Zhang Qian saw it, the parents in the group had been scrambling for hundreds of slogans, and some parents wrote seven or eight.




Seeing this, Zhang Qian was in a panic and worried about losing her performance in front of the teacher. So he hurried to call several college classmates to help her to think the slogan. At last, you can wholeheartedly choose a facility that suits you the most.Zhang Qian selected 3 lines from the slogan “friendship sponsorship”. He didn't breathe a sigh of relief until there were several parents in her new intersection.




Zhang Qian's so-called “thrilling”, in many people's view, a little “fuss”, but as a parent, can understand Zhang Qian's anxiety.




In the WeChat group, few parents can do the task without the teacher's assignment. Used to say “the child to the teacher's words as an imperial edict”, now “the teacher's words as an imperial edict”, many parents.